Monday, July 21, 2008

July! I still can't believe it's July!!!! Well the last day in June Wes's sister Shelley that lives in TX came to visit. She just had her first baby (our first neice) Lily Annalane Robert in May. She is just beautiful and I already love her so much! We had so much fun spending 2 weeks off and on with them. They are now back in TX and we hate it .. We miss them so very much!

For the 4th we didn't do to much at all. We got ready headed to the lake and parked and watched the fireworks.. The kids had a ball .. They were amazed andn looking cute in their red, white and blue.

July 5th we had our annual huge playdate at my dad's house.. We did a huge blow up slide thanks to daddy for taking care of that. There were so many kids there it was amazing. We look forward to this every year.
It was also July Clover rodeo time.. Sage looks forward to this every year. He gets to dress up like a cowboy and watch the real cowboys ride horses and bulls. Marli got sick this night and we ended up at urgent care and her fever was right at 105. She had her first ever strep throat.
Sometimes we like to hop in the car and just have a fun family day. So last weekend we hopped in the car headed to chic fil a , then the airport.. The kids love going to there and watching the planes land and take off.. and to be honest to Wes and I it is fun for us too.. It's really relaxing.
So far thats all the excitement for July but We head to the beach next week for our family beach trip.. It will be nice just Me Wes and the kids.. Its nice to get away and enjoy some good quality family time and I am really looking forward to sitting on the beach. This will be Marli's first trip so I most def get tons of pics. Sage is asking everyday is it time to go yet.. He is super excited.

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Renee said...

What a cute little niece you have! Have fun at the beach!