Monday, July 21, 2008

July! I still can't believe it's July!!!! Well the last day in June Wes's sister Shelley that lives in TX came to visit. She just had her first baby (our first neice) Lily Annalane Robert in May. She is just beautiful and I already love her so much! We had so much fun spending 2 weeks off and on with them. They are now back in TX and we hate it .. We miss them so very much!

For the 4th we didn't do to much at all. We got ready headed to the lake and parked and watched the fireworks.. The kids had a ball .. They were amazed andn looking cute in their red, white and blue.

July 5th we had our annual huge playdate at my dad's house.. We did a huge blow up slide thanks to daddy for taking care of that. There were so many kids there it was amazing. We look forward to this every year.
It was also July Clover rodeo time.. Sage looks forward to this every year. He gets to dress up like a cowboy and watch the real cowboys ride horses and bulls. Marli got sick this night and we ended up at urgent care and her fever was right at 105. She had her first ever strep throat.
Sometimes we like to hop in the car and just have a fun family day. So last weekend we hopped in the car headed to chic fil a , then the airport.. The kids love going to there and watching the planes land and take off.. and to be honest to Wes and I it is fun for us too.. It's really relaxing.
So far thats all the excitement for July but We head to the beach next week for our family beach trip.. It will be nice just Me Wes and the kids.. Its nice to get away and enjoy some good quality family time and I am really looking forward to sitting on the beach. This will be Marli's first trip so I most def get tons of pics. Sage is asking everyday is it time to go yet.. He is super excited.

Catching Up!

Okay, I don't know if I should try to catch up or Just start a new! UMMMMM I'll try to recap real quick of anything big that has went on... April , Sage started T-ball and LOVED every second of it.. I don't know if it will always be his favorite but so far it is and I love it too. So fun and cute to watch. May- My sister Alicia got married to long time boyfriend Josh. We all were in the wedding. Sage was a very handsome ringbearer, Marli just made an adorble beautiful flower girl. It was a beautiful Wedding and everything went perfect, wedding, reception, and daddy had her an after party . Two days after the wedding my pawpaws Dr. called and said that his test came back and he had a huge growth on his lung and it looked like a very bad form of cancer. So needless to say my family wasn't right and just so sad until last week (July) he had some major scans, test, and visited different Dr.s and it is not cancer it is fungus. It is serious but hopefully treatable. Praise!!! Now I feel like I can think again and not worry every single day about him leaving us yet. I just wasn't ready for that yet. Still in May- Sage had his tonsil and adnoids removed.. He was so brave and sick afterwards. His tonsils touched and he couldn't breath good and words wouldn't come out right and at night he sounded like a 300 lb old man.. so loud and always with his mouth opened. The surgery has helped majorly you can't hear him breath so loud at night (its very quite now , I was used to the noise of him breathing). His ENT dr noticed since he had been breathing out of his mouth for so long with his wide open the roof of his mouth if more narrow and higher up than normal causeing some words so not come out so perfectly , so either time or a little speech will help.. but hey better than my baby not being able to breath good.

June- Playing , swimming, VBS, Aunt Shelley and new baby Lily come to visit.... We are having a great great great summer! The kids love playing outside.. They are so tan already lookin so tan making mommy look sooo white.. I am working on it though.. Nothing like sitting out in the back yard with my feet in the kiddy pool and watching the kids play.. and they love splashing mommy.. Sage has even turned on the hosepipe and chased me .. It was funny...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is a private matter

As I did before here is a quote of Sage's

Sage was using the potty and pooping and I went in the bathroom to ck on him and he screamed at me "get out of here this is a private matter"...


Sunday, March 30, 2008

If you pray they will come!

As most of you know that I quit my job to be a stay at home mommy in December. I was quitting with the intention of having a newborn baby to watch 5 days a week and 1 parttimer or 2. Well I only ended up getting the baby which has been nice but I want the money.. ha So All in one week I get a phone call to keep a little 2 yr old girl 2 days a month so thats nothing and 3 days later another phone call to keep a boy and girl (brother and sister) 5 and 2... 3 days a week . So its perfect I am so excited. good parents I have been blessed with so far. Wes and I always said I will never keep a kid I don't feel comforable with or the parents make me feel intimatated etc.. The girl who used to watch mine always told me that rule too... She kept kids for 7 years and complimented me and wes on being the best parents she ever had. We did't care if the kids got dirty , got a boo boo or two :), fell down, we cared but never upset with her for the way she did things with them. One time I pulled up and Sage and Zack were peeing out in the yard and she said oh my gosh I hope you don't care I said kim if I did care then I would need to take a chill pill as a parent and let my boy be a boy.. thats how Sage learned to pee so well run around in jockies and he just loved peeing outside and it worked ha ... So I always said I hope it goes as well for me as it did for her. If Sage would have been all clean when I picked him up at kims then I would have thought he didn't get to play hard.. But that was hardly the case he was pretty much always dirty and that tickeled me and Wes to death..Now I don't want them spick and span all the time but my rule to being a parent is to let kids be kids... so when I have a parent call me I go a head and cover all of this how are you on playing outside and getting dirty, eating, naps, rules at home that I need to use here and they are so ticlked I am very laid back on playing lots outside, playdough, etc.. One of the parents is a very healthy meal planner and eater but I think I can manage that with their child but loves their child to get dirty and play play play..... I told her that the house may be clean when you drop your kid off but when you pick them up it wont be that way she said well if it was all clean when i came to pick her up then I would think seh didn't play with toys so that made me feel good cuase you can't really clean up after kids while thy are playing.. only naps and bedtime is picking up time around here. I get the 2 new kids tomorrow I am very excited about. So please pray for me as I start this new stage in my life .....

Happy Easter

How we spent Easter Evening
The kids Easter goodies

Before Church

Easter bunnies

Having a conversation

My Handsome boy

Sweet Princess

Catching up! Again! Easter Egg hunting!

You probably wondering what this picture is all about ... Well another "Sage Moment" ... I don't know where he gets his humor from.. Okay well So Wes and I are both very silly people... Anyways... My friends Mom aka Nana Jill and Pastor Mike had a family close friends Easter egg hunt on there land . It started off with them cooking pancakes and sausage for us .. umm um good... Then the famous hunt.... Well before we left the house I told Sage okay were ready to go .. so go get your coat and easter bucket for the hunt... Sage came to me with the above picture.. His bucket with his gun inside.. I said why do you have your gun? " TO HUNT EGGS" your laughing right? Pics of Easter egg hunting we did at church, Nana Jills, St Pattys day etc

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Fun

We made some Easter goodies Thursday. Sage loves these choc covered pretzel candies we do for holidays. All you do : On a cookie sheet lined with wax paper . You lay out the flat square pretzels and top with the round wedding choclates (color you choose to use) ... Bake 325 for 3 min only. Remove from oven and press your candies in the middle of the choc... You can use m &m's .. This time I used mini Malt wopper eggs. cool let harden and enjoy! You can do these for any holiday or theme using certain colors...

Sage and I also did a little project while the girls took their morning nap. We had so much fun doing this together.. Sage really loved the GLUE!!! EEKKKKK but didn't the foam bunny turn out really cute!